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Did You Do Enough?

That’s the question you will be asked after an incident. If you can’t demonstrate that you have taken pains to manage foreseeable risks, your company, your bank account, your reputation, and perhaps your job will all be at stake. Civil liability trials are about persuading a jury that you planned, that your approach was prudent, that you did all that a reasonable person would do, in advance and during an incident.

No doubt your organization has considered internal threats from employees (current and exiting) and customers, and you have cameras and good locks on your doors, perhaps a team of security guards. Have you considered the potential threats from outside these areas, those who might consider your organization a soft target for political or financial gain? Increasingly, this is the threat that is overlooked and must be considered by those who have made it their life’s work to study.

Praxis Consultancy will guide you through developing a Critical Incident Management Plan, or we can review all or components of your existing plan. Our team has had many years of experience doing this, and we can help. Each consulting engagement is unique, shaped to your situation and requirements.

The cost of doing is a fraction of the cost of not doing. Can you afford to wait? Contact us today.