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A boutique security consultancy for non-obvious threats in extraordinary times


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Our firm is a useful supplement to your organization’s existing security officer and team, assisting your senior management and board of directors in assessing potential threats. In a time of growing social and global unrest, how does your organization appear to those looking for soft targets? You guard the front door, but can you be infiltrated in other ways? Are you concerned about an approach made to your organization? Do you lay awake at night worrying what could go wrong? It would be best to give us a call, and we look forward to serving you.

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A security incident at your company is a cascading disaster, resulting in negative publicity, loss of public and investor confidence, a hit to your share price, and more. Take your team to the next Praxis Security Seminar and learn how to be prepared for disaster AND for the inevitable civil litigation. Your will be defensible with Praxis training not because you must convince a jury that you have “done enough,” a moving standard that is all too subjective and all too easily refuted, but because you have done the only thing that has been demonstrated to be effective.

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Seminar Instructors: Experienced Intelligence & Law Enforcement

Memorial Institute for the Prevention of TerrorismPraxis Security Seminars are conducted by David Edger and David Cid, respectively the former Chairman and Executive Director of the Oklahoma National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. Mr. Edger was the CIA’s Associate Director for Operations, and Mr. Cid was a counterterrorism expert with the FBI.  The curriculum is built on cold, hard experience and current knowledge and insights.

Protect your company now. The seminars are affordable. Failure to prepare is not affordable.

skirvin hotelSeminars are held over a day and a half at the historic and elegant Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, renowned for the high quality of its facilities, accommodations and dining, in a central location.


“The principal goal of your company’s Critical Incident Management Plan is to preserve your capacity to do business.”

David Cid

Executive Director, ret., Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism